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What we offer

As specialist accountants for the pensions industry, we constantly pioneer to give our clients the services they want – both now and in the future.

Our dedicated experts are scanning the markets to bring new initiatives or improve our solutions to make a real difference to our clients.

Pension Scheme Audit
Assurance Reporting (ISAE 3000, ISAE 3402, AAF 01/06 & AAF 02/07)

Other services include:

Scheme Accounting – Whether this is an annual exercise or a one-off appointment, we have the skills to manage the accounts preparation process and liaise with the trustees and your advisers.

Behavioural Auditing – Good accounting records plus sound processes and procedures help manage risk. However, how your people act in certain circumstances creates or mitigates risk. We have a solution that can help you manage this third dimension of risk.

Business advisory – At Assure UK we provide impartial advice to support trustees and professionals achieve their goals; mitigate their risks and make the most out of your unique situation.

Business analytics – Sometimes the amount of data involved needs the use of specialist skills to analyse the data and communicate meaningful information.

Pension Scheme Governance Reviews – As the standards of governance have risen within companies we are now seeing those same high standards applied to pension schemes.

Process improvements – Every organisation has systems and procedures (either written or unwritten) which define the “way we do things around here”. These are part of the culture, difficult to improve and make more efficient and effective. At Assure UK we have a great variety of approaches to improving efficiency and effectiveness which we can apply to your specific position.

Trustee Training – The Pensions Act 2004 requires trustees to be able to demonstrate that they have a sufficient level of knowledge and understanding to enable them to perform their duties as trustees. To ensure that this is happening trustees need to be constantly assessing any gaps in their knowledge and addressing any training requirements. We can help fill any audit and assurance gaps found during your assessments.