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The Benefits of Employee Surveys

It is expensive and time consuming to hire new employees. Businesses need to focus on keeping their staff satisfied in the workplace. Surveys provide vital feedback to management on matters such as: Compensation – In general, management should have an idea if employees are satisfied with their current compensation. However, you will never really know […]

4 Things you can do to Make the most of Dead Time

We have all been there before – stuck in a city with time to kill between meetings. Some of us head off for the nearest coffee shop at this time while others might make a few calls or go for a stroll in order to think about the next meeting. Perhaps there is a better […]

Generating PR For Your Business

Generating PR for your firm is all about telling a story, raising awareness and ensuring that when a potential customer needs your product or service, your brand is the name that springs to mind first. If you really want to raise the profile of your business, you will need to develop a PR campaign, which […]

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is one of the biggest trends in IT and tech at the moment. The consumer market has embraced wearables such as smart watches and virtual reality headsets. However most businesses are still developing their strategies for making the most of the wearable technology trend. While attention to wearables is widespread, adoption is not. […]

Don’t forget your 2016/2017 ISA allowance

The current ISA allowance is £15,240, rising to £20,000 for 2017/18. Remember that there is no longer a 50% restriction on the amount that you can invest in a cash ISA; the £15,240 annual limit covers all ISA investments which could be in shares, bonds, cash or certain other investments. Make pension payments before April […]

Blurring the line between work and life

Technology is a double-edged sword which is blurring the line between home and the office. In some ways, this adds more flexibility in terms of how we can all manage our time but it also means more calls, more email and more meetings. Technology also means that we frequently have to switch between work and […]

Coaching for Success

In the past, coaching was not offered as a benefit but mandated to those who were failing to achieve their workplace goals. The term “coaching” was synonymous with “remedial training” and carried an implication of failure. Fortunately, those days have passed and savvy business leaders and HR professionals have realised that coaching can be a […]

Don’t Miss Out on Tax Relief on R&D

The government is concerned that many small companies are missing out on generous R&D tax credits.  For the last year HMRC have been offering companies an advance assurance scheme to check whether or not their activities qualify before they make a claim. So far over 200 applications for advance assurance have been made. There is […]

Have you Declared your Overseas Income and Gains?

Where an individual is resident in the UK, he or she is generally taxable on worldwide income and gains whether or not it is brought back into the UK. Again, there can be significant interest and penalties on top of the unpaid tax if HMRC find out. HMRC now exchange information involving savings and investments […]

Paying 20% instead of 28% on the Sale of Property

The latest Finance Act has retained the 28% CGT rate for sales of residential property, whereas the general rate was reduced to 20% for higher rate taxpayers. It has been suggested that it is possible to reduce the rate from 28% to 20% by deferring the gain temporarily into qualifying EIS company shares. The tax […]

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