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Important business trends for 2020

The big business trends of 2020 are set to revolve around technology, mental health and the environment. As we head further into 2020, businesses will have to adapt in a world that places more emphasis on sustainable business practices. Firms that take care of their employees’ physical and mental health will attract more people. Technology […]

5 Best Gadgets of 2016

What a year 2016 has been. It’s fair to say there have been a few big surprises along the way. One such surprise is the amount of great gadgets that have been released this year, but many have not got the attention they deserve. So we thought we would feature what we think are some […]

Wi-Fi Access – ANYWHERE on Earth…

Iridium Communications has launched its new Iridium GO! device which uses satellite communication technology to give smartphone users Wi-Fi access anywhere on Earth. Using Iridium’s network of 66 satellites and ground network infrastructure, Iridium’s new Wi-Fi device means you can access your email pretty much anywhere. The Iridium GO! aims to let up to five […]