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Consolidation: A challenge facing smaller schemes

Defined Benefit Running a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme is continuing to be an ever increasing challenge for UK businesses and scheme trustees as updated regulations are refined further. The Pensions Regulator (TPR) are working to safeguard schemes by ensuring that scheme employers and trustees fulfil their obligations to their members. These refinements have the […]

What is Open Banking and how can it help the world of audit?

In 2021 open banking hit a UK high of 4.5 million users with 3.9 million of those being consumers and 600,000 small businesses, however despite the strong growth of open banking within the UK, many people still have never heard of the term. Open banking gives individuals and companies the ability to share current account […]

How protected are your schemes against fraud and cybercrime?

Poor technological infrastructure and inadequate cyber and data security are hampering the productivity of employees working from home – and represent a cyber risk to Pension Schemes. Find out how we’re dealing with this here. While fraud and cyber risks have always been apparent, given the changes to how suppliers have operated and the current […]

Have you got enough resources for your assurance report?

Organisations are getting busier with client work, regulatory requirements and maintaining good governance. Team members’ time is the limited resource that we are all trying to manage as effectively as possible. When conducting an assurance project, multiple key team members in an organisation can be affected by having time and resources tied up to provide […]

Complying with the AAF requirements for the APPT PCST Code relating to sole trusteeships

The Relevant Trustee AAF 02/07 is used to create a specific assurance standard for Professional Pension Trustee firms (Relevant Trustees).The Relevant Trustee AAF 02/07 TECH 04/13 has been adopted as a quality standard for sole trusteeships by the Association of Professional Pension Trustees (APPT) whose principal objective is to act as the representative body of […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green

There are numerous factors that independent corporations must take into consideration when attempting to combat the ever-growing concerns surrounding climate change. B1G1. As an independent auditing firm, we have taken a step in the greener direction by establishing a relationship in Kenya through the thriving, Non-profit agency, Buy One Give One (B1G1). This symbiotic connection […]

Best Practice Guide – Saving Evidence

The collation of evidence could be considered as one of the biggest pain points of performing and completing your assurance report. At Assure UK we have recognised 5 best practices of how you can collate and organise evidence to ensure a smooth and quick assurance process: Resource Planner We recommend introducing a resource planner for […]

New Code of Practice for Professional Corporate Sole Trustees of pension schemes

The new Code of Practice for Professional Corporate Sole Trustees of Pension Schemes (PCTSs) was published on 1 January 2021. The Code of Practice sets out guidance as to the processes and procedures which firms as acting as a PCST should implement and maintain these obligations falling on APPT members in relation to PCST appointments. […]

Why trustees do have influence in the shift to UK net zero

With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) heading to the UK in just a few weeks, you might have seen a lot about climate in the news or on social media. Ambitious actions are required to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the board in order to press the breaks on the global temperature rise. […]

PRAG published updated guidance on going concern

The Pensions Research Accounting Group (PRAG) has updated their guidance around going concern considerations following changes made in the most recent version of ISA (UK) 570. The adjustments mainly clarify the role of the auditor in a pension scheme’s assessment of going concern. The main points arising from the changes are: Clarifications to the risk […]

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