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Best Practice Guide – Saving Evidence

The collation of evidence could be considered as one of the biggest pain points of performing and completing your assurance report. At Assure UK we have recognised 5 best practices of how you can collate and organise evidence to ensure a smooth and quick assurance process: Resource Planner We recommend introducing a resource planner for […]

New Code of Practice for Professional Corporate Sole Trustees of pension schemes

The new Code of Practice for Professional Corporate Sole Trustees of Pension Schemes (PCTSs) was published on 1 January 2021. The Code of Practice sets out guidance as to the processes and procedures which firms as acting as a PCST should implement and maintain these obligations falling on APPT members in relation to PCST appointments. […]

Why trustees do have influence in the shift to UK net zero

With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) heading to the UK in just a few weeks, you might have seen a lot about climate in the news or on social media. Ambitious actions are required to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the board in order to press the breaks on the global temperature rise. […]

PRAG published updated guidance on going concern

The Pensions Research Accounting Group (PRAG) has updated their guidance around going concern considerations following changes made in the most recent version of ISA (UK) 570. The adjustments mainly clarify the role of the auditor in a pension scheme’s assessment of going concern. The main points arising from the changes are: Clarifications to the risk […]

Learnings from completing an AAF 05/20 Assurance Report

The TECH AAF 02/07 was amended to the new TECH AAF 05/20 in April 2020 to incorporate the key areas which Master Trusts were being asked to demonstrate as part of the Pension Regulators (tPR) Authorisation process and the ongoing Supervisory Return. Your AAF 05/20 does not have to be completed in line with tPR’s […]

B1G1 – One year later

It has almost been a year since Assure UK fully implemented the Buy One Give One (B1G1) scheme into our everyday working life and what a year it has been. Giving back has been a part of Assure UK ethos for many years with a total of 4,789 impacts being made. We haven’t let the […]

What do you get out of Cyber Essentials and its value?

At Assure UK we want to help you understand what Cyber Essentials is and the value it can bring you and your organisation. Firstly, you might be thinking what is Cyber Essentials? Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme which will help you to protect and prevent your organisation against around 80% of cyber threats […]

Pensions: How to be Scam Smart

Pension scamming is a sophisticated crime that can be difficult to spot. Pension scammers generally appear to be highly knowledgeable and usually come armed with materials and information that appears to be entirely credible. The result is often that an unsuspecting victim puts their trust and their pension pot into the wrong hands, sometimes with […]

Pension Scams: Protecting Pension Savers

Old age is a vulnerable phase of life for everyone, and organisations find it a big challenge to cater to the needs of their old members. People spend years to save money for their old age and spend it peacefully, and companies fully support their employees, but is it just rainbows and unicorns for the […]

Ignoring climate change risks savers’ retirement, TPR warns

Trustees who fail to consider climate risk could be exposing themselves to legal challenge. A new legal opinion, the first of its kind in the UK, has been welcomed by environmental lawyers ClientEarth as a key step towards protecting pension savers’ money from climate risk and driving private finance towards low-carbon investment. Climate change carries […]

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