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Government funding to help you prepare for customs changes

The Government has made £16m available to help businesses train staff in making customs declarations. It will also be available to support businesses who support others who trade goods to invest in IT. This funding will ensure that trade with the EU continues as smoothly as possible after the Brexit deadline. Businesses based in, or […]

Important business trends for 2020

The big business trends of 2020 are set to revolve around technology, mental health and the environment. As we head further into 2020, businesses will have to adapt in a world that places more emphasis on sustainable business practices. Firms that take care of their employees’ physical and mental health will attract more people. Technology […]

Keep details of your Director’s Loan Account, and keep it in credit

A detailed breakdown of a Director’s Loan Account (DLA), including dates, is now required. This comes after a judge agreed with HRMC in a recent tax tribunal case.   The significance is that where the loan account is overdrawn (debit balance) there may be a possible P11d benefit on the director and also a tax […]

Assure UK Launch Cloud Accounting Company

Assure UK has launched a sister company Progress Accountants, to meet clients cloud accounting needs and help them comply with Making Tax Digital regulations. Based in North Oxfordshire, Progress Accountants is not your average accountancy practice, it is here to reinvent accountancy, making business life for clients a little more enjoyable. From simply helping to […]

Service Auditors Should Rethink and Reinvent AAF, ISAE and SOC Evidence Using Data Analytics

Audit quality can be enhanced through using data analytics, and bring about more meaningful and quicker results to benefit the regulator, management and auditors. Data analytics is a practical approach to manage the way data flows through information systems. Consider for instance how AAF, ISAE and SOC internal controls reporting would benefit from an analysis […]

Do you need more cash?

Do you or your clients need money for working capital or to pay July’s tax bill? If so, this might be for you! One of our business partners has access to a private fund set up by several investors and has a value of £26 million. The investors want to facilitate unsecured loans of interest […]

New Pensions SORP 2015

The new Pensions SORP which provides guidance for producing pension scheme accounts was launched on 25 November 2014 following the publication of FRS 102. The changes detailed in the new SORP are mandatory for accounting periods commencing 1 January 2015 and comparative data is required. The key new requirements cover: Investment risk disclosures Valuation hierarchy […]