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Agreed-upon Procedures: The value of ISRS 4400 (Revised)

Agreed-upon procedure (AUP) reports are used by a wide range of stakeholders for a number of different reasons. The demand of AUP engagements could be attributed to in part by the growth in regulations and the increase in accountability for funding and grants. The ISRS 4400 (revised), Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements has been updated to keep […]

Helping you transition to the new AAF 01/20

Many pension schemes outsource aspects of the pension activities to third party administrators, these tasks range from pension payroll, accounts preparation, contributions collection and investment to name a few. AAF 01/20 has been developed to enable third party administrators to get independent assurance over relevant control activities. AAF 01/20 replaces AAF 01/06 and was effective […]

Master Trust TECH 05/20 AAF and the Master Trust Supervisory Return

Master Trust TECH 05/20 AAF and the Master Trust Supervisory Return Master Trusts continue to grow as a ‘product of choice’ for employers meeting their automatic enrolment duties, there is now a legal requirement for all Master Trusts to be authorised with the Regulator undertaking ongoing supervision and oversight. Master Trust Technical Release has been […]

The PMI Master Trust Working Group Gives Great Examples of Good Governance

With a growing market in DC Master Trust employers now have a greater choice in where to invest their employee’s pension contributions. The PMI Master Trust Working Group have published a report on the link between good governance and strong member outcomes for DC Master Trusts (15 October 2020). There were some great examples of […]

Have You Pledged to Combat Pension Scams?

Have You Pledged to Combat Pension Scams? Pension schemes have lost a total of £31 million to scammers since 2017. On a more personal level, victims of these scams lose an average of £82,000 when targeted, an amount that could take 22 years to build up in a pension pot. To combat these scams The […]

Our Virtual Christmas Activity

Our virtual Christmas activity Unlike previous years we have celebrated Assure UK’s 2020 achievements and rolled into our Christmas holidays virtually. Even though our Christmas activity would be different to previous years we felt it was important to come together as a team and have some fun. The team received their gift wrapped package at […]

I’m Dreaming of a virtual Christmas!

I’m Dreaming of a virtual Christmas! It seems like a distant memory when the Assure UK team played Zorb football for our quarterly team activity, all of us within 2 meters of each other, running and crashing, trying our hardest to score a goal. Today our team activities are very different. Due to Covid-19 guidelines […]